Release History

This page provides an overview of all changes and releases of Centurial.

version 1.x

4 September 2019 (1.11.1)

  • Fixed several smaller bugs.

26 June 2019 (1.11)

Search, Filter, Auto Correlator, Time of Event and more.

  • Introducing searching and filtering in Centurial Projects:
    • The Find dialog (ctrl+F) allows you search in all persons, relationships, evidence and sources in a project.
    • Supports searching with wildcards and regular expressions.
    • A filter is added to the Source List and the Person List, allowing you to filter the lists as you type.
  • Many improvements to the Auto Correlation algorithm:
    • Indirect evidence is applied to the source information before correlating, improving the auto correlation.
    • Auto correlation now validates generations before and after correlation, prevents messing up generations.
    • Added new indirect evidence rules, extrapolating the birth date of a persons based on their parents[DvO] and partners.
    • Many micro optimizations, all together improving the auto correlation success rate from <90% to >95%.
  • Added the time field to each event, allowing you to gather evidence on the time of day at which events took place.
  • Enabling Auro snapping for the Centurial main window, including a new Source Editor layout for side-by-side extraction of claims.
  • Many smaller new features:
    • Added source references for partners in the person evidence view.
    • Implementing the vacuum[MH] option to remove unused project space, effectively shrinking the project file.
    • The claims text editor now supports copy/paste of parts of the text.
    • Introducing the Extensibility Dialog.
  • Fixing one or two bugs, and improving several typos.

8 June 2019 (1.10.5)

  • Fixed some more bugs.

16 May 2019 (1.10.4)

  • Yet another improvement to the GEDCOM import (thank you user [jw]).

4 May 2019 (1.10.3)

  • Another one bites the dust (thank you [aw] for reporting this one).

2 May 2019 (1.10.2)

  • In case anyone's wondering, I'm on a little crusade of my own trying to get rid of all them annoying bugs. This versions fixes some more of them.

29 April 2019 (1.10.1)

  • The more users, the more bugs are unveiled. This patch fixes many of them, including those reported by [bej], [mh] and [rm].

24 April 2019 (1.10)

Browser extensions and Extensibility

  • Introducing the Centurial browser extension:
    • Import a web page directly from your browser into Centurial as a source.
    • Creates a source citation automatically.
    • Adds a screenshot of the web page to your source.
    • Attempts to import genealogical data using Microdata.
    • Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • The web page is read using a web scraper:
    • Web scrapers allow for targeted import of data for specific web sites.
    • Currently available for Family Search, Wikipedia, Open Archieven and Genealogie Online.
  • Introducing the Centurial extensibility architecture:
    • Allows code enthusiasts to develop additional web scrapers.
    • Added a framework to publish your extensions to Centurial users.
  • Improving general stability, fixing several bugs and improving GEDCOM import.

22 February 2019 (1.9)

A release full of improvements and feature requests by users.

  • A major upgrade of the Source Editor screen:
    • Support for multiple screen layouts.
    • Claims are now automatically classified as primary, secondary or undetermined.
    • Improved the File Explorer:
      • Added support for EXIF and the rotation and flipping of images[mh1].
      • Files can now be ordered using drag & drop.
      • If there is exactly one file available, this will be opened automatically.
      • Improved styling and user experience.
    • Improved the information editor:
      • Refactored and improved the adding and removing of persons and relationships.
      • Added templates for frequently used source types.
      • Added a selection box to easily select multiple persons.
    • Improved the claim editor:
      • Added new facts 'Religious denomination'[ba/ig/mh1] and 'Cause of death'[kh].
      • Added copy/paste[ig/mh2] to the claim editors, allowing the user to copy data between persons and relationships, also allowing the user to copy information from other programs as well, including extensive date parsing.
      • Extended the Age input field to include months, weeks and days[ba].
      • Status fields can now be synchronized with the source date.
  • Improvements to the Person Evidence view:
    • Improved the display by grouping source references[ba], for example [1-4] instead of [1] [2] [3] [4].
    • Source references like [1] now open the source by clicking.
    • Added year ranges to the display of statuses like residence and occupation.
    • Added a separate religion group panel.
  • Added support for the Islamic, Hebrew and Swedish[bs] calendars.
  • Miscellaneous user requests:
    • The person list is now sortable[ig].
    • When all information in the correlation dialog is merged to a single person, this person is selected in the Network Viewer[ba].
  • Various parts of Centurial are refactored, further improving performance and stability, fixing several bugs along the way.

7 February 2019 (1.8.4)

  • Further improvements to the GEDCOM import.

12 January 2019 (1.8.3)

  • Even more enhancements to the GEDCOM import.

8 January 2019 (1.8.2)

  • Several fixes and improvements regarding GEDCOM import and export.

6 January 2019 (1.8.1)

  • Fix for a bug introduced in v1.8 that causes Centurial to crash during project creation and directory browsing.

6 January 2019 (1.8)

Centurial and the GEDCOM - part II

  • Added GEDCOM import (as a project):
    • Imports data and sources into a new project.
    • Allows the user to import an existing research project into Centurial.
    • Supports GEDCOM v5.5 and v5.5.1.
  • Introducing the new Quick Start dialog:
    • Create, Open, Restore and Import projects.
    • Contains a list of recent projects.
    • Download and open example projects.
    • Stay up to date with the news channel.
  • Improving the project user experience:
    • Improved the performance and user experience for opening projects.
    • Upgraded the Project dialog.
    • Added the project description.
    • Introducing the default project directory.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements in performance and stability.

5 October 2018 (1.7)

Centurial and the GEDCOM - part I

  • Implemented GEDCOM Export:
    • Exports all individuals, families and sources in a project.
    • Supports GEDCOM version 5.5.1.
  • Added GEDCOM Import (as a source):
    • Import of small GEDCOM files (max. 247 individuals for now).
    • GEDCOM is imported as a single source.
    • Supports GEDCOM version 5.5 and 5.5.1.
  • GEDCOM Import (as a project) is scheduled for Centurial v1.8.
  • Added support for date ranges: before, after and between.
  • Updates of the data model:
    • Added the Cremation event.
    • Renamed 'Matrimony' to 'Church Marriage'.
    • Added the gender 'Intersex'.
  • Several bug fixes and small improvements.

21 July 2018 (1.6)

A small service release.

  • Improving the auto correlation algorithm:
    • Fuzzy name matching.
    • Aware of birth and death dates
    • Improvement passes based on the existing family relations.
    • Much better performance.
  • Adding support of initals in the given names field.
  • Fixing several bugs and styling issues.

14 June 2018 (1.5.1)

  • Fixing two bugs in the Source Dialog, one of which was introduced in the 1.5 release.

6 June 2018 (1.5)

  • Tidying up the Source List by grouping sources into source list entries:
    • Sources in the same private archive are grouped together.
    • Sources from the same website are grouped together.
    • Sources from the same record series, interview, newpaper, cemetery, etc. are grouped together.
    • All in accordance with Evidence Explained.
  • Introducing the Source Explorer:
    • Explore and manage the sources in a single Source List entry.
  • Allowing the user to reuse source information:
    • Easily add a source based on an existing Source List entry, both from the Source List and the Source Explorer.
    • In the Source Dialog, select an existing source from the auto complete popup.
    • The Source Dialogs displays which fields are reused by multiple sources.
    • Generally saves a lot of typing when adding a new source.
  • Many improvements to the Source Dialog:
    • Simplifying the editor for personal names.
    • Introducing the date editors from v1.3 to the Source Dialog, including a short cut for the 'today' date.
    • Many improvements to styling and usability.
  • The addition of many new source types:
    • Journal, magazine and newspapers.
    • Web page, database entry (called 'extract' in previous versions), blog, social media, wiki entry and html edition.
    • Personal Knowledge and interview are extended to support multiple sessions.
    • Private and public archive types are extended with fields like email, website, telephone, access data and opening hours.

3 April 2018 (1.4.1)

  • Fix for bug that causes Centurial to crash at start-up.

3 April 2018 (1.4)

  • Introducing the new Relationship Evidence view:
    • Analysis of partnership events like marriage, matrimony and divorce.
    • Overview of all the children that are a result of a partnership.
  • Many improvements to the Network Diagram:
    • Persons with only one known parent are now displayed correctly.
    • If a person has multiple possible parents, they are displayed as a stack of parents.
    • Persons that appear more than once in the network diagram, are marked with an index number.
    • The Network Diagram now allows the selection of multiple persons by keeping the Control button down while selecting persons.
    • Partnerships now contain a desciptive tool tip and direct access to the relationship evidence view from the context menu.
    • The number of ancestor and descendant generations is now customizable.
  • Improved the Person Evidence view:
    • Added support for the analysis of parents of a person.
    • Now lists the partnerships of a person.
  • Added more indirect evidence:
    • Residence is derived from birth and death places and from the residence of parents and children.
    • The birth date is now derived from baptism date as well.
    • The death date is now estimated from the burial date.
  • Added a Date Converter as a utility for finding old records.
  • Improved support voor low screen resolutions by introducing scaling for resolutions beneath 1024x768.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs and improved general performance.

17 February 2018 (1.3)

  • Improved the support for multiple calendars.
    • Added support for Gregorian, French Republican and Julian calendars.
    • Improved the entry and display of date values.
  • Added the Status concept.
    • A status is a fact that changes over time, like an occupation or a vital status.
    • Added the Occupation, Residence and Education statusses.
    • When extracting information from sources, you can now also extract Age and Vital Status claims.
  • Introduction of indirect evidence. Indirect evidence is evidence for facts based on other related evidence or conclusions.
    • When a source states the age of a person at a specific date, Centurial converts this to indirect evidence for the birth date of that person.
    • When a source states the vital status (alive or deceased) of a person, Centurial converts this to indirect evidence for the birth and death dates of that person.
    • Added indirect evidence based on human statistics, like the maximum human life span.
  • Added age calculations for persons.
  • Improved display of evidence in the person evidence view and the analysis dialog.
  • Improved the multiple document interface of Centurial.
  • Fixed several styling issues and bugs.

30 December 2017 (1.2)

  • Added several 'Learn more' buttons that link directly to the corresponding tutorial videos.
  • Improved the person data display in the Person List and the Network Diagram.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

17 December 2017 (1.1.1)

  • Patch for bug that prevents some users from installing Centurial.

10 December 2017 (1.1)

  • Added some more events: Marriage Banns, Matrimony, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Ordination.
  • Improved the Correlation dialog.
  • Added Backup & Restore functionality.
  • Added the 'Marriage Booklet' source type.
  • Fixed 2 bugs found by users.
  • Many small improvements.

28 October 2017 (1.0)

The first, fully supported Centurial release.

  • Finalized the storage format for Centurial project files.
  • Changed the Centurial project file extension to .cent.
  • Extended the Help menu.
  • Renamed 'mapping' to 'correlate'.
  • Fixed some more bugs.

version 0.x

15 October 2017 (0.98)

This release is a complete revision of earlier versions, in preparation of the release of v1.0 later this October.

  • A complete overhaul of the Source citation mechanism:
    • Source representations are now stored in a nested format, enabling source list entry grouping in some future version.
    • The 'citation' storage level has been removed.
    • More than 2 layers of source provenance are now supported.
  • Added many new source types:
    • family artifacts
    • digital images, abstract and extracts
    • cemetery, church, vital and local government records
    • cemetery memorials
    • personal knowledge
  • Introduction of the Event structure which enables birth, death, burial, marriage and divorce events.
  • Upgrade of the information editor which greatly simplifies the extraction of information from sources.
  • The complete storage format has been validated and refactored.
  • Many, many bugs were fixed.

22 June 2017 (0.10)

  • Added the Merge/Unmerge dialog for remapping information to hypotheses.
  • Extended the network diagram by drawing the relationships between persons.
  • Improved responsiveness by refactoring the network mapping code.
  • Added a FileSystem dialog for opening and saving files and directories.
  • Improved the File Explorer within the Source Editor.
  • Added recent projects to the QuickStart dialog.
  • Improved support for importing (large) GEDCOM files.
  • Improved the zooming/panning functions for all the different document viewers.
  • Added sorting to the Person List and the Source List.

13 April 2017 (0.9)

  • Initial pre-BETA release.