Tutorial - Backup

When you start a new Project, Centurial creates a single project file. This project file contains all persons and relationships, all claims, evidence and conclusions, and also every single document you add to one of the sources. Needless to say, this project file becomes very valueable. Luckily, the project file structure is quite sturdy, so we don't expect any problems here.

However, Centurial cannot prevent your laptop from getting stolen or your hard drive from crashing. That's why we've added a backup facility. This way, every change you make to your project file is backed up immediately.

The easiest way to enable a useful backup strategy, is by registering for a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or any other. These often free services synchronize the contents of a local folder on your drive, like this Dropbox folder, to some location in the cloud.

Once the cloud storage service is setup correctly, you're 2 steps away from backing up all your Centurial projects. First, we recommend creating a specific backup directory within your cloud storage folder. Then, choose the 'Settings' option from the 'Help' menu. In the 'Backup' tab, enable the check box and browse to the backup folder you created in the first step. Then click 'OK'.

From now on, all you Centurial projects are safely backed up to the cloud.