This page documents the general direction of development of Centurial.

Add tools for improving the import of existing research.
Improve the support for places and geographic data.
Task and to do list.
Support for stories.
Transcriptions and photos.
Introduction of the time line for persons.v1.16
Adoptive and forster parents.v1.15
Centurial becomes paid software.v1.14
Make Centurial available in multiple languages and cultures.v1.13
User specific settings.v1.13
Import/Export facilities.v1.12
Search capabilities.v1.11
Introduce a browser extension for importing data from web pages.v1.10
Implement a large collection of feature requests by users.v1.9
Improvements to the Source Editor (screen layout, usability improvements).v1.9
Test and (if necessary) improve performance for family trees up to 3,000 persons.v1.8
Implement export to GEDCOM.v1.7
Improve the GEDCOM import capabilities.v1.7
Add support for multiple citations from the same source, like multiple grave stones from a single cemetery, multiple digital images from a single website or multiple records from the same record book.v1.5
Improve the Source List by introducing the grouping of sources in accordance with Evidence Explained.v1.5
Improve support for extracting and analyzing relationships between persons.v1.4
Add support for indirect evidence and the new Status concept.v1.3
Add support for different types of calendars (like the Julian and French Revolution calendars) and age calculations.v1.3