Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to us. That's why we do not collect any family data, we do not use cookies for this website, and we collect as little personal and usage data about you as possible. The data we do collect enables us to monitor and improve the user experience you have with Centurial.

  • We collect a little personal data when you create an account, including your e-mail address.

  • We collect usage information ('telemetry') when you use Centurial on your PC or laptop.

We do not and will not ever share the collected data with anyone.

privacy policy

What is Centurial and Acoose.NET?

Centurial is a software application that supports its users with their genealogical research. Centurial is created by Fouke Boss under the name Acoose.NET. We are based in the Netherlands.

When does Acoose.NET collect data about me?

Acoose.NET collects data about you:

  • when you create an Acoose.NET account.

  • when you use the Centurial software application on your PC or laptop ('telemetry').

What data does Acoose.NET collect about me, and why?

1. Acoose.NET collects data in order to be able to contact you.

To this end Acoose.NET collects:

  • e-mail address.

  • first name and last name.

Acoose.NET uses your e-mail address and name to:

  • reset your password and help keep your account secure.

  • announce new versions and blog posts.

  • occasionally ask you for assistence in diagnosing errors.

  • make sure you are licensed to use Centurial.

2. Acoose.NET collects data in order to know its target audience.

In order to know under what circumstances Centurial is running on your PC or laptop, we collect:

  • operating system and version.

  • the number of processors.

  • screen dimensions.

  • installed and preferred browsers.

  • country and time zone.

  • user language and locale.

3. Acoose.NET collects data in order to know how you use Centurial.

In order to prioritize our development efforts and roadmap, we collect statistics on:

  • project size and loading time.

  • user activity.

  • GEDCOM import and export.

  • backup.

  • website visits from Centurial to

  • imports using the browser extensions.

  • various other features.

4. Acoose.NET collects data in order to diagnose and debug technical errors.

For this we collect data on:

  • all exceptions, including full stack trace, that occur while running Centurial on your PC or laptop.

What data does Acoose.NET not collect about me?

  • we do not collect any family or other personal data.

  • this website runs without cookies.

Where does Acoose.NET store data about me?

Acoose.NET stores all collected data on secure servers located in the Netherlands.

Does Acoose.NET share data about me with others?

No, we do not and will not ever share the collected data with others.

How can I contact Acoose.NET about privacy?

You can contact Centurial support for any questions regarding privacy, including:

  • requests to be removed from the mailing list.

  • requests to remove your account.

  • requests to receive a full dump of the data we've collected about you.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may change in the future. Please check back with this page regularly to see if anything has changed.