Translating Centurial into your own language

Translations and Cultures in Centurial

Starting from v1.13 (November 2019), Centurial will support multiple cultures. Before v1.13, Centurial only supported the English language and culture (for example, date formats). For v1.13, all English text is replaced with dynamic placeholders, which allow Centurial to be translated into any (currently only left-to-right written) language.

From v1.13, there are 2 ways Centurial can be adepted: Centurial will support multiple cultures (which includes date formats, number formats, etc.) and multiple languages.

Adding your culture to Centurial

The easiest way to adept Centurial to your wishes is to change the culture in which Centurial is running. Centurial comes with a pre-packed list of supported cultures. By changing the culture, you change the way dates and numbers are displayed in Centurial.

IS your culture missing from the pre-packed list? No problem! Just contact us and let us know which culture you are missing, and which date and number formats are specific to that culture. We'll make sure your culture is added within a day or 2.

Adding your language to Centurial

The other option is to help translate all the texts, labels and tool tips in Centurial into your language. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us. We will then give you access to the translator pages here on the Centurial website, which supports you in translating all terms in Centurial into your language.