Release History

This page provides an overview of all changes and releases of Centurial.

version 1.x

April 14, 2021 (1.20.3)

  • Fixed a bug in the Claims Panel that occured when switching between entities too fast [SB].
  • Fixed an issue in the Claims Panel that prevented an event from being deleted while the source was already correlated [KH].
  • Fixed several smaller bugs.

April 9, 2021 (1.20.2)

  • Extended the Event List with filtering and sorting on event types [PB].
  • Fixed several bugs and imperfections.

April 3, 2021 (1.20.1)

  • Fix for bug that prevents some web scrapers from doing their job.
  • Fix for bug that prevents Centurial from starting up for some of the lesser used cultures.

April 2, 2021 (1.20)

Events - part 1: a redesign.

  • Introducing over 60 new event types:
    • Event types for each of the major stages in life - birth, youth, adult, family and death.
    • A well-designed selection of event types for the major world religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism (with many thanks to Marc Engel).
    • Specific attention to the many types of modern partnership.
    • Includes many event types specifically requested by users [PB], [EF], [VvC], [IvG], [DA], [WL], [JvdL], [NM], [RvdL], [HH], [PR], [TM], [EV], [KH].
  • Promoted events to be a third entity, just like persons and relationships.
    • Centurial now supports multiple occurences of a single event type per person or relationship.
    • Redesigned the Claims Panel to accomodate the new event structure.
    • Designed a Event Selector popup to help the user select the correct event type.
    • Extended the auto correlation algorithm for events.
    • Introducing the Event View containing all conclusions for a specific event.
    • Added new indirect evidence to support events.
    • Improved the GEDCOM export to include the new event types.
    • Added the use of the Event Selector to the tutorials.
  • Introducing the new Event List:
    • Provides a chronological list of all events in your research project.
    • Sort either by date, by place or by principal role.
  • Improved the Person View:
    • The timeline now displays all events related to the person.
    • Reveals events from increasingly remote family members when zooming in.
    • Offers direct access to the Event View and to the Analysis View for the date and place facts.
    • Now comes with more fine-grained date display, for example march 1871-may 1872.
  • Improved styling and date display:
    • New styling for the fly out bars on the left side of the main window.
    • New styling for the Person, Relationship and Event Views.
    • Renamed 'View Evidence' to 'View Person', 'View Relationship' and 'View Event'.
    • Added support for modern partnerships to the partnership tool tip [VvC].
    • Improved date display througout, including the introduction of circa (±1830).
  • Many internal refactoring, including changes to the Centurial engine in order to support additional entity types.
  • Bug fixes.

March 20, 2021 (1.19.1)

  • Improvement that ensures that identical files, added to multiple sources, are stored only once in the project file, thus saving storage space. [AK], [MB]
  • Fix for bug that occurs when sources, that were originally imported from a GEDCOM contain HTML, are exported to GEDCOM [TM].
  • Several big fixes

January 29, 2021 (1.19)

  • New and improved Person List:
    • Added birth place, death date and death place [IvG], [AW], [KH].
    • Improved performance for larger numbers of persons [PB].
    • New styling, including captitals.
    • Improved filtering and sorting.
  • Added auto-complete fields to the Claims Panel:
    • Prevents entering the same data over and over again within a single source [VvC], [AW].
    • Reuses data from claims and source details.
  • Added the new source type Certified copy [DB].
  • Introducing the new Quick Access panel to the File Explorer [DH]:
    • Quickly add recent files from the download, desktop, My Documents and My Pictures folders.
    • Now also supports pasting images directly from the browser.
  • Improvements to the File Cache in order to get along with PC Cleaning Utilities [EF], [MB], [GvZ], [SB], [KH]
  • Fix for bug that crashes Centurial when adding a specific kind of image files [GvZ].
  • Added the option to hide the Browser Extension dialog at start-up [RvdL].
  • Added a numbering mode option to the GEDCOM Export dialog, allowing individuals to be numbered either sequentially or repeatably [PB].

December 24, 2020 (1.18.1)

  • Fix for bug in Person and Relationship views that prevented conclusions from displaying [BvA].
  • Fix for bug that prevented sources with transcriptions from being removed [MF].
  • Fix for bug that displayed double nicknames (like Anne-Marie) incorrectly [BW].
  • Fix for bug that occasionally messed up the source details in the Source dialog [IvG].
  • Improvement to the Information Panel and the pasting of texts into the claims panel [Mhe].
  • Fixed several issues with the new interactive tutorials [SB].
  • Added a scroll bar to the notes field in the Source View [Mhe].
  • Miscellaneaous improvements and bug fixes.

December 4, 2020 (1.18)

  • Introducing the interactive tutorials:
    • Designed to guide users through the Centurial research process, one step at a time, inside the Centurial window.
    • Learn how to use Centurial without having to go through the documentation.
    • Provides an overview of the research process as a whole:
      • Creating a new project
      • Adding sources
      • Determining the provenance of a source
      • Correlation
      • Using the browser extension
      • Importing a GEDCOM
      • Viewing the results
      • Analysing evidence
      • Tweaking conclusions
    • Also offers specific tips and tricks for each of the steps.
    • Beautifully translated by Martin Hawlisch (Deutsch) and Kees Hessels (Nederlands).
  • Added support for entering diacritics (simply keep down the key you want to add a diacritic to).
  • The Centurial installers and executables are now signed digitally, improving security and preventing the Windows SmartScreen during setup.
  • Fixed several bugs.

September 27, 2020 (1.17.1)

  • Fix for crash that happens when reordering the files after a web import [JvD].
  • Fix for bug that prevented files with transcriptions from being deleted [JvD].
  • Added 'View Evidence' to the context menu of persons in the Information Panel for correlated sources [AW].
  • Fix for bug that messes up the resize of a rectangular clip that was initially drawn bottom-to-top or right-to-left [AW], [MHe].
  • Improvements to the rendering of multiline clips [MHe].
  • Fixed the width of the Information Panel [MHe], [EF].
  • Further improved the formatting of the family name Machielsen [PB].
  • Added more zoom levels [PB].

September 4, 2020 (1.17)

Redesign of the Source View, clips, transcriptions, Analysis View, signature analysis

  • The Source View has been completely redesigned:
    • New layout that allows for new features in the current and the upcoming releases.
    • Several improvements to the File Viewer:
      • Supports next/previous page navigation over multiple documents.
      • Has been allocated a larger screen area.
      • Greatly improved file cache, fixing bugs that some users reported about thumbnails not being displayed correctly.
      • Added hotkeys for navigating through the pages of a document.
    • Improving the Information Panel:
      • Adding a person automatically focuses the Claims Panel, enabling you to start typing right away.
      • Added several hotkeys for adding and focusing the different persons and relationships (mainly using the Ctrl key).
    • A complete redesign of the Claims Panel:
      • The different tabs have been replaced by one complete form containing all the claims.
      • Improved layout optimizes the use of screen real estate.
      • Focused claims are now highlighted with a green border.
      • When the Source View is opened from the Person View or the Analysis View, the corresponding claims receive focus automatically.
      • Improved the performance of the Claims Panel.
      • Added several hotkeys for focusing and adding claims (mainly using the ALT key).
  • Introducing the concept of clips:
    • Allows the researcher to connect a claim to the corresponding part of the document (called a clip).
    • Supports both rectangular clips and multiline clips.
    • Clips help to further improve the process of extracting information from a document.
    • Enables a researcher to annotate clips and manage connected claims using the Clip Panel.
  • Introduces the new Transcription Panel [AW], [IvG]:
    • Allows transcriptions per page of a document.
    • Transcriptions allow rich text editing, including bold, italic, underline and lists.
  • Also introducing the new Analysis View [AW]:
    • Replaces the previous Analysis dialog.
    • The new layout displays the source reference and corresponding clips [MHa] directly next to each piece of evidence.
    • Groups the evidence per conclusion for improved analysis.
    • Allows the user to navigate directly from the Analysis View to the corresponding Source Views.
    • The proof argument now allows rich text editing, including bold, italic, underline and lists.
  • Added support for signature analysis:
    • Also introducing the new signature fact in the Claims Panel, which allows the researcher to add a clip of a signature to a person.
    • Added the new Signature panel to the Person View.
    • The new Analysis View is also specifically designed for signature analysis.
  • Improvements to the search capabilities:
    • Now also searches in proof arguments, transcriptions and file names.
    • Improved design and performance of the search results pane.
  • Fixing several bugs reported by users:
    • Improved age calculations for complex ages like '5 months and 2 days' [MHe].
    • Fix for the bug that sometimes prevented the correct displaying of thumbnails [TM], [PB].
    • Fix for the formatting of the Dutch name Machielsen (which was formatted as MacHielsen) [PB].
    • Added a settings button to the GEDCOM export dialog [MHe].
  • And as always many performance improvements and bug fixes.

May 31, 2020 (1.16.2)

A service release

  • Improved the quality and speed of the auto correlation algorithm [EF] [YZ].
  • Improved formatting of given names [DM].
  • Added the source type 'Ship's Manifest' [FJ].
  • Added church marriage to tool tip if civil marriage is not present [EF].
  • Fixed 2 bugs in the import/export of sources [AW].
  • Added REPO tags to the GEDCOM export for public archives [DM].
  • Fixed bug that prevents Centurial from starting up in very rare circumstances [VC].

May 10, 2020 (1.16.1)

  • Further improved the performance of the Auto Correlation algorithm. Fixed bugs in generation number and auto arrange for imports through the browser extension.

May 6, 2020 (1.16)

Timeline, Kinship terminology, GEDCOM export
  • Introducing the person timeline:
    • As part of the Person View, it shows all main events in the life of the person and all close family.
    • Includes date, relationship and age for each event.
    • The timeline is scrollable, zoomable and can be used for navigation to family members.
    • Finally occupying the middle column in the Person View, a space that has been reserved for this purpose ever since v1.0.
  • Introducing kinship paths and terminology:
    • Specific support for English, Dutch and German naming systems.
    • Support for terms like grandmother, nephew or great-grandparent of ex-partner.
    • Used in the new timeline to express the relationship between the person and the event.
    • Used in the Network Diagram to express the relationship between each person and the proband.
    • Introducing indicators for direct ancestors and descendants of the proband in the Network Diagram.
    • Display of relationship degrees, generations and Ahnentafel numbers.
  • Improving the GEDCOM export:
    • Introducing the new GEDCOM Export dialog.
    • Allows to select the export mode: best conclusion, all conclusions or all evidence [PB].
    • Include or exclude living people. [AW]
    • Optionally export all multimedia files [DM].
    • Opt in/out for the export of birth and death date estimates [DM].
    • Introducing the default GEDCOM path setting.
  • Usability and user requests:
    • Refactored the status conclusion algorithm, adding support for 'residence since' or 'occupation until' [IvG] [BvA] [AW].
    • Improved the tool tips for persons and relationships to include icons [AW].
    • The Information Panel now uses the same name format as the Network Diagram [KH].
  • Bug fixes:
    • Major performance improvements for larger research projects, sometimes reducing wait times by as much as 7 (!) seconds per transaction.
    • Fix for bug where biological parents with unknown gender were displayed incorrectly [MH].
    • Improved the date range scoring in the Auto Correlate algorithm.
    • Fix for bug that made the information rectangles in the Network Diagram disappear [PB].
    • Added support for formatting family names like McCartney or MacDonald [DM].

March 13, 2020 (1.15)

Adoptive and foster parents
  • Introducing support for adoptive and foster parents.
    • Changes to the Claim Panel to allow the entry of adoptive, foster, or biological (the default) parents.
    • Improvements to the Network Diagram for displaying adoptive and foster parents and children.
    • Added support for adoptive and foster parents to the Person View and Relationship View.
    • Expanded the GEDCOM export to include the PEDIgree tag.
  • The Network Diagram now shows visual clues if additional ancestors or descendants are present (but not visible) [AW].
  • Usability and bugfixes:
    • Fix for issue where opening the context menu in the Information Panel required 2 clicks instead of 1.
    • Bug fixes for the existing web scrapers.
    • Fix for bug where a child that dies several hours after birth was displayed as stillborn [PB].
    • Improved support for the _RUFNAME tag in the GEDCOM export.

February 17, 2020 (1.14.1)

  • Added the Patronymic field.
  • Extended the GEDCOM export with _RUF, _ROEP, _PATR and Ondertrouw tags and events.
  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements.

February 8, 2020 (1.14)

Correlation Panel, Auto Correlation algorithm and licenses
  • Introducing the new Correlation Panel.
    • Replaces the previous Correlation dialog.
    • Shows more relevant data, right next to the Network Diagram.
    • Enables the user to go through the results of the auto correlation algorithm step by step.
    • Improved usability.
  • Many new improvements to the auto correlation algorithm.
    • Improved handling of siblings with the same name.
    • Enhanced analysis of baptism and birth dates.
    • New targeting algorithm based on the existing relationships in the network, improves the mapping between multiple generations of persons with the same name.
  • Happy to implement several more user requests.
    • New fields Nationality [MB] and Marriage Notice [PB].
    • New vital status Stillborn [PB].
    • New source types Business or Institutional Record [EF] and Photocopy.
  • Introducing the new free Trial and paid Personal editions of Centurial.
  • Improved usability and styling.
    • Reviewed the View Source, View Correlation and View Information options throughout the UI, with View Information now auto-selecting the corresponding node in the Information panel.
    • Improved display of collapsed toolbars [ME].
    • The Notes field in the Source View now remains visible even with long source citations [MB].
    • Network Diagram is now kept centered.
    • GEDCOM export now also contains sources with regards to events like OCCU, RESI and EDUC.

January 5, 2020 (1.13.2)

  • Miscellaneaous bug fixes, including the auto completion list of the Source Dialog, conclusions for dates, and the GEDCOM export.

December 15, 2019 (1.13.1)

  • Improvements and bug fixes for culture handling, web scrapers, the network diagram, setup, network shares and performance.

November 22, 2019 (1.13)

Cultures,languages, user settings and the network diagram
  • Totally refactored the dislaying engine of Centurial, allowing for running Centurial in multiple languages and culture specific display styles.
    • Refactored the whole of Centurial to make every last piece of text translatable.
    • Introducing support for specific cultures, improving the way names, dates and numbers are displayed.
    • Many improvements to the evidence summaries in the analysis dialog.
  • Presenting Centurial in het Nederlands:
    • Fully translated into Dutch by native speakers Kees Hessels and Marc Engel.
    • Includes specific Dutch features, like name sorting (Gogh, van), roepnamen, and special initials (Th. van Gogh).
  • Presenting Centurial auf Deutsch:
    • Fully translated into German by native speakers Benjamin Keune and Martin Hawlisch, and Marc Engel.
    • Includes specific German features, like Rufname, display of underlined Rufname (Vincent Willem van Gogh), and name sorting (Leyen, von der).
  • Introducing many new user settings:
    • Settings for culture, language, calendars and name formatting.
    • Advanced display settings for the network diagram.
    • Introducing the ability to change the default project path.
  • Improvements to the network diagram:
    • Improved animation and performance.
    • Navigate backward and forward through the persons history.
    • Direct navigation to the proband.
    • Now automatically centers around the active person.
  • Includes requests by many users including [MHe], [IvG], [MF], [EF] and [AW].
    • Inclusion of local cloud storage folders in the File System dialog.
    • Added the day of the week to date conclusions.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

October 4, 2019 (1.12)

  • The bulk of this release is about a major overhaul of the inner workings of Centurial.
    • Preparing Centurial for future development.
    • Improving the loading times of projects slightly.
    • Fixing many, many issues along the way, including styling, GEDCOM import, auto correlation algorithm and performance.
  • Improved support for the clipboard:
    • Copy and paste sources and files over the clipboard.
    • Copy source citations and conclusions to the clipboard.
  • Introducing the Centurial Data Exchange Format:
    • An XML based format for exporting and importing data from/to a project.
    • Allows the user to import data in not-GEDCOM sources (user converts the data to XML, then imports the XML into Centurial).
    • The format is used for clipboard actions, import/export and the web scrapers.
  • Fixing bugs and issues reported by users [MHe], [IvG], [MF], [MHa] and [AW].

September 4, 2019 (1.11.1)

  • Fixed several smaller bugs.

June 26, 2019 (1.11)

Search, Filter, Auto Correlator, Time of Event and more.

  • Introducing searching and filtering in Centurial Projects:
    • The Find dialog (ctrl+F) allows you search in all persons, relationships, evidence and sources in a project.
    • Supports searching with wildcards and regular expressions.
    • A filter is added to the Source List and the Person List, allowing you to filter the lists as you type.
  • Many improvements to the Auto Correlation algorithm:
    • Indirect evidence is applied to the source information before correlating, improving the auto correlation.
    • Auto correlation now validates generations before and after correlation, prevents messing up generations.
    • Added new indirect evidence rules, extrapolating the birth date of a persons based on their parents[DvO] and partners.
    • Many micro optimizations, all together improving the auto correlation success rate from <90% to >95%.
  • Added the time field to each event, allowing you to gather evidence on the time of day at which events took place.
  • Enabling Aero snapping for the Centurial main window, including a new Source Editor layout for side-by-side extraction of claims.
  • Many smaller new features:
    • Added source references for partners in the person evidence view.
    • Implementing the vacuum[MH] option to remove unused project space, effectively shrinking the project file.
    • The claims text editor now supports copy/paste of parts of the text.
    • Introducing the Extensibility Dialog.
  • Fixing one or two bugs, and improving several typos.

June 8, 2019 (1.10.5)

  • Fixed some more bugs.

May 16, 2019 (1.10.4)

  • Yet another improvement to the GEDCOM import (thank you user [jw]).

May 4, 2019 (1.10.3)

  • Another one bites the dust (thank you [aw] for reporting this one).

May 2, 2019 (1.10.2)

  • In case anyone's wondering, I'm on a little crusade of my own trying to get rid of all them annoying bugs. This versions fixes some more of them.

April 29, 2019 (1.10.1)

  • The more users, the more bugs are unveiled. This patch fixes many of them, including those reported by [bej], [mh] and [rm].

April 24, 2019 (1.10)

Browser extensions and Extensibility

  • Introducing the Centurial browser extension:
    • Import a web page directly from your browser into Centurial as a source.
    • Creates a source citation automatically.
    • Adds a screenshot of the web page to your source.
    • Attempts to import genealogical data using Microdata.
    • Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • The web page is read using a web scraper:
    • Web scrapers allow for targeted import of data for specific web sites.
    • Currently available for Family Search, Wikipedia, Open Archieven and Genealogie Online.
  • Introducing the Centurial extensibility architecture:
    • Allows code enthusiasts to develop additional web scrapers.
    • Added a framework to publish your extensions to Centurial users.
  • Improving general stability, fixing several bugs and improving GEDCOM import.

February 22, 2019 (1.9)

A release full of improvements and feature requests by users.

  • A major upgrade of the Source Editor screen:
    • Support for multiple screen layouts.
    • Claims are now automatically classified as primary, secondary or undetermined.
    • Improved the File Explorer:
      • Added support for EXIF and the rotation and flipping of images[mh1].
      • Files can now be ordered using drag & drop.
      • If there is exactly one file available, this will be opened automatically.
      • Improved styling and user experience.
    • Improved the information editor:
      • Refactored and improved the adding and removing of persons and relationships.
      • Added templates for frequently used source types.
      • Added a selection box to easily select multiple persons.
    • Improved the claim editor:
      • Added new facts 'Religious denomination'[ba/ig/mh1] and 'Cause of death'[kh].
      • Added copy/paste[ig/mh2] to the claim editors, allowing the user to copy data between persons and relationships, also allowing the user to copy information from other programs as well, including extensive date parsing.
      • Extended the Age input field to include months, weeks and days[ba].
      • Status fields can now be synchronized with the source date.
  • Improvements to the Person Evidence view:
    • Improved the display by grouping source references[ba], for example [1-4] instead of [1] [2] [3] [4].
    • Source references like [1] now open the source by clicking.
    • Added year ranges to the display of statuses like residence and occupation.
    • Added a separate religion group panel.
  • Added support for the Islamic, Hebrew and Swedish[bs] calendars.
  • Miscellaneous user requests:
    • The person list is now sortable[ig].
    • When all information in the correlation dialog is merged to a single person, this person is selected in the Network Viewer[ba].
  • Various parts of Centurial are refactored, further improving performance and stability, fixing several bugs along the way.

February 7, 2019 (1.8.4)

  • Further improvements to the GEDCOM import.

January 12, 2019 (1.8.3)

  • Even more enhancements to the GEDCOM import.

January 8, 2019 (1.8.2)

  • Several fixes and improvements regarding GEDCOM import and export.

January 6, 2019 (1.8.1)

  • Fix for a bug introduced in v1.8 that causes Centurial to crash during project creation and directory browsing.

January 6, 2019 (1.8)

Centurial and the GEDCOM - part II

  • Added GEDCOM import (as a project):
    • Imports data and sources into a new project.
    • Allows the user to import an existing research project into Centurial.
    • Supports GEDCOM v5.5 and v5.5.1.
  • Introducing the new Quick Start dialog:
    • Create, Open, Restore and Import projects.
    • Contains a list of recent projects.
    • Download and open example projects.
    • Stay up to date with the news channel.
  • Improving the project user experience:
    • Improved the performance and user experience for opening projects.
    • Upgraded the Project dialog.
    • Added the project description.
    • Introducing the default project directory.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements in performance and stability.

October 5, 2018 (1.7)

Centurial and the GEDCOM - part I

  • Implemented GEDCOM Export:
    • Exports all individuals, families and sources in a project.
    • Supports GEDCOM version 5.5.1.
  • Added GEDCOM Import (as a source):
    • Import of small GEDCOM files (max. 247 individuals for now).
    • GEDCOM is imported as a single source.
    • Supports GEDCOM version 5.5 and 5.5.1.
  • GEDCOM Import (as a project) is scheduled for Centurial v1.8.
  • Added support for date ranges: before, after and between.
  • Updates of the data model:
    • Added the Cremation event.
    • Renamed 'Matrimony' to 'Church Marriage'.
    • Added the gender 'Intersex'.
  • Several bug fixes and small improvements.

July 21, 2018 (1.6)

A small service release.

  • Improving the auto correlation algorithm:
    • Fuzzy name matching.
    • Aware of birth and death dates
    • Improvement passes based on the existing family relations.
    • Much better performance.
  • Adding support of initals in the given names field.
  • Fixing several bugs and styling issues.

June 14, 2018 (1.5.1)

  • Fixing two bugs in the Source Dialog, one of which was introduced in the 1.5 release.

June 6, 2018 (1.5)

  • Tidying up the Source List by grouping sources into source list entries:
    • Sources in the same private archive are grouped together.
    • Sources from the same website are grouped together.
    • Sources from the same record series, interview, newpaper, cemetery, etc. are grouped together.
    • All in accordance with Evidence Explained.
  • Introducing the Source Explorer:
    • Explore and manage the sources in a single Source List entry.
  • Allowing the user to reuse source information:
    • Easily add a source based on an existing Source List entry, both from the Source List and the Source Explorer.
    • In the Source Dialog, select an existing source from the auto complete popup.
    • The Source Dialogs displays which fields are reused by multiple sources.
    • Generally saves a lot of typing when adding a new source.
  • Many improvements to the Source Dialog:
    • Simplifying the editor for personal names.
    • Introducing the date editors from v1.3 to the Source Dialog, including a short cut for the 'today' date.
    • Many improvements to styling and usability.
  • The addition of many new source types:
    • Journal, magazine and newspapers.
    • Web page, database entry (called 'extract' in previous versions), blog, social media, wiki entry and html edition.
    • Personal Knowledge and interview are extended to support multiple sessions.
    • Private and public archive types are extended with fields like email, website, telephone, access data and opening hours.

April 3, 2018 (1.4.1)

  • Fix for bug that causes Centurial to crash at start-up.

April 3, 2018 (1.4)

  • Introducing the new Relationship Evidence view:
    • Analysis of partnership events like marriage, matrimony and divorce.
    • Overview of all the children that are a result of a partnership.
  • Many improvements to the Network Diagram:
    • Persons with only one known parent are now displayed correctly.
    • If a person has multiple possible parents, they are displayed as a stack of parents.
    • Persons that appear more than once in the network diagram, are marked with an index number.
    • The Network Diagram now allows the selection of multiple persons by keeping the Control button down while selecting persons.
    • Partnerships now contain a desciptive tool tip and direct access to the relationship evidence view from the context menu.
    • The number of ancestor and descendant generations is now customizable.
  • Improved the Person Evidence view:
    • Added support for the analysis of parents of a person.
    • Now lists the partnerships of a person.
  • Added more indirect evidence:
    • Residence is derived from birth and death places and from the residence of parents and children.
    • The birth date is now derived from baptism date as well.
    • The death date is now estimated from the burial date.
  • Added a Date Converter as a utility for finding old records.
  • Improved support voor low screen resolutions by introducing scaling for resolutions beneath 1024x768.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs and improved general performance.

February 17, 2018 (1.3)

  • Improved the support for multiple calendars.
    • Added support for Gregorian, French Republican and Julian calendars.
    • Improved the entry and display of date values.
  • Added the Status concept.
    • A status is a fact that changes over time, like an occupation or a vital status.
    • Added the Occupation, Residence and Education statusses.
    • When extracting information from sources, you can now also extract Age and Vital Status claims.
  • Introduction of indirect evidence. Indirect evidence is evidence for facts based on other related evidence or conclusions.
    • When a source states the age of a person at a specific date, Centurial converts this to indirect evidence for the birth date of that person.
    • When a source states the vital status (alive or deceased) of a person, Centurial converts this to indirect evidence for the birth and death dates of that person.
    • Added indirect evidence based on human statistics, like the maximum human life span.
  • Added age calculations for persons.
  • Improved display of evidence in the person evidence view and the analysis dialog.
  • Improved the multiple document interface of Centurial.
  • Fixed several styling issues and bugs.

December 30, 2017 (1.2)

  • Added several 'Learn more' buttons that link directly to the corresponding tutorial videos.
  • Improved the person data display in the Person List and the Network Diagram.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

December 17, 2017 (1.1.1)

  • Patch for bug that prevents some users from installing Centurial.

December 10, 2017 (1.1)

  • Added some more events: Marriage Banns, Matrimony, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Ordination.
  • Improved the Correlation dialog.
  • Added Backup & Restore functionality.
  • Added the 'Marriage Booklet' source type.
  • Fixed 2 bugs found by users.
  • Many small improvements.

October 28, 2017 (1.0)

The first, fully supported Centurial release.

  • Finalized the storage format for Centurial project files.
  • Changed the Centurial project file extension to .cent.
  • Extended the Help menu.
  • Renamed 'mapping' to 'correlate'.
  • Fixed some more bugs.

version 0.x

October 15, 2017 (0.98)

This release is a complete revision of earlier versions, in preparation of the release of v1.0 later this October.

  • A complete overhaul of the Source citation mechanism:
    • Source representations are now stored in a nested format, enabling source list entry grouping in some future version.
    • The 'citation' storage level has been removed.
    • More than 2 layers of source provenance are now supported.
  • Added many new source types:
    • family artifacts
    • digital images, abstract and extracts
    • cemetery, church, vital and local government records
    • cemetery memorials
    • personal knowledge
  • Introduction of the Event structure which enables birth, death, burial, marriage and divorce events.
  • Upgrade of the information editor which greatly simplifies the extraction of information from sources.
  • The complete storage format has been validated and refactored.
  • Many, many bugs were fixed.

June 22, 2017 (0.10)

  • Added the Merge/Unmerge dialog for remapping information to hypotheses.
  • Extended the network diagram by drawing the relationships between persons.
  • Improved responsiveness by refactoring the network mapping code.
  • Added a FileSystem dialog for opening and saving files and directories.
  • Improved the File Explorer within the Source Editor.
  • Added recent projects to the QuickStart dialog.
  • Improved support for importing (large) GEDCOM files.
  • Improved the zooming/panning functions for all the different document viewers.
  • Added sorting to the Person List and the Source List.

April 13, 2017 (0.9)

  • Initial pre-BETA release.